Analytical 360 Team

Paul D. Matthews, Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer
Executive Lab Director, Quality Control

Paul has over 25 years of research experience in academia and industry. Invested in developing genomic
strategies for breeding of medicinal crops, Dr. Matthews pursues projects that have potential for
significant impact on world health. Paul received his Ph.D. in Molecular, Developmental and Cellular
Biology from City University of New York and postdoctoral training from Agronomy and Plant Genetics,
University of Minnesota. Paul has specialized in crop improvement; including Vitamin A bio-fortification
in maize and rice, biodegradable plastic production in tobacco, and development of molecular breeding in
hops. Author of over 30 peer-reviewed publications, patents and invited book chapters, Paul has
presented at numerous universities and technical conferences. Towards advancement of science and
society, Dr. Matthews is past president of the Hop Research Council, Chairperson of the National Clean
Plant Network for Hops, and has lectured in academia on allied health, mathematics, statistics, history &
philosophy of science, molecular genetics, and bioethics. Paul has mentored numerous interns and
graduate students and continually serves on Masters and Ph.D. advisory committees. Specific areas of
expertise include: field breeding and genetics, breeding program development, marker-assisted selection,
tissue culture and micropropagation, phytosanitation/import/export, IR4 registration, containment
greenhouses, transformation, systems biology, metabolic engineering, analytical chemistry,
phytochemistry, supercritical fluid extraction, synthetic biology, trichome biology, quantitative genetics,
next generation sequencing, bioinformatics and genome-wide association studies (GWAS).


John Williams, Lab Director/Chemistry; M.S. Chemistry, B.S. Chemistry, Western Washington University

Alicia Holk, Lab Director/Microbiology; M.S. Genetics & Microbiology, University of North Carolina; B.S. Animal Sciences, University of Delaware

Hong-Li Sheu, Lab Technician/Method Development; Ph.D., Texas A&M University, Chemistry; M.S. Chemistry, B.S. Chemistry, National Tsing Hua University

Zack McCarley, Lab Manager; M.S. Chemistry, B.S. Biochemistry, Central Washington University

Rob Ring, Lab Technician; M.S. Chemistry, B.S. Chemistry, Central Washington University; A.S. Chemistry, Yakima Valley CC

Cheryl Ermey, Lab Technician/Method Development; B.A. Biology, Central Washington University; A.A. Science Option, Yakima Valley CC

Ian Ring, Lab Technician; B.A. Psychology, Central Washington University

Bertha Williams, Archivist/Lab Technician; B.A. Education, University of Cape Coast, Ghana and Western Washington University

Mark Coles, Lab Technician; A.A. Science Option, Yakima Valley CC

Jim Brown, Software Architect/Database Developer; B.S. Computer Science, Benedictine University

Jeffrey Clemens, Senior Engineer; B.S. GMI Engineering and MGMT Inst. – Kettering University

Carlin DaRonche, Senior Information Analyst; Information Technology Specialist

Michael Zabrek, Account Manager/Field Tech; B.A., University of South Florida

Dave Niebuhr, Account Manager/Field Tech

James Kotzbauer, Account Manager/Field Tech

Dennis Rose, Account Manager/Field Tech