Test Results

NorCal 86 Mites and Mold (NorCal Nutrients)

Posted on April 11, 2016

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Date Tested: 4/11/2016

Test Result UID: ANL20160411M142347


Potency Profile

  • N/A

Moisture Analysis

  • N/A

Foreign Material Inspection

  • N/A


Microbial Screen

  • Total aerobic plate count: 100 CFUs/gram – N/A
  • Total yeast and mold count: 82,100 CFUs/gram – N/A
  • Bile-tolerant gram negative bacteria count: < 20 CFUs/gram - N/A
  • Coliforms: 3,200 CFUs/gram – N/A
  • E. coli: Not Detected – N/A
  • Salmonella spp.: Not Detected – N/A


Pesticide Test

  • N/A

Lab Tech Notes

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