Test Results

Nature's Own Tincture

Posted on June 21, 2012

Available from
Mountain Medicine Clinic

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Date Tested: 06/21/2012

Test Result UID: ANL20120621B0764


HPLC Chromatograph


Potency Profile


  • Serving Size: Dropper Full = 0.80ml
  • 0.20mg ∆9-THC-A
  • 0.30mg ∆9-THC
  • 0.01mg ∆8-THC
  • 0.01mg CBN
  • 0.52mg THC-TOTAL
  • 0.01mg CBD-A
  • < 0.01mg CBD
  • 0.01mg CBD-TOTAL
    ∆9THC + ∆8THC + CBN + CBD
    Cannabinoids that have been activated through decarboxylation (curing/storage of flowers, or heating/cooking of edibles, tinctures, & concentrates)



Moisture Analysis

  • N/A

Foreign Material Inspection

  • N/A


Microbial Screen

  • N/A

Pesticide Test

  • N/A


Lab Tech Notes

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